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Life Partner Prediction by Kundali
Life Partner Prediction by Kundali

Life Partner Prediction by Kundali

Indian astrology is largely based on the horoscope (kundali or janamkundali) of the individual. The kundali is drawn up as soon as the child is born. In its contents, it shows the date and the exact time of birth of the child, right up to the last second. In addition, the individual’s lineage in terms of the names of the father and grandfather are mentioned. More importantly, the kundali contains the details of the planetary positions at the time of the child’s birth. The planets are placed in the form of a chart having two large squares with more squares or slots within each. The astrologers can read the position of these planets to predict the future of the individual This is how life partner prediction by kundali is made.

Life Partner Prediction by Kundali
Life Partner Prediction by Kundali

Expectations About Life Partner

There is nothing wrong in young men and women being keen to know what is in store for them for the rest of their lives in the form of their life partner. There are several things a person can want in his/her life partner. A man may be pardoned if he wanted a beautiful looking wife, someone who will love him and be a pleasant company over the years. Equally, it should be acceptable if a young woman desires that the man she is going to marry must be handsome, love her and have a good career and so on. Life partner prediction by kundali is the way they can know this.

Arranged Marriages

If a boy and girl fall in love with each other either in their place of work other otherwise, then it would be a different situation. But in the Indian context, there are still many families that put their trust in the traditional way of the parents and other elders in the family searching for a match for their daughters/sons and then consult with an astrologer to match their kundalis. This is one process during which the astrologer is able to inform the families of what to expect from the boy or the girl. The study of the kundali can reveal how the married life will pan out.

Directly Learn from Kundali

But this process does not stop a boy or a girl from independently consulting with an astrologer with the kundalis of both and wanting to know the full life partner prediction by kundali. The astrologer will then study the kundali and first predict the qualities of the life partner and then go on to explain how their married life would be. Interestingly, those interested in love marriages too can use this option to know the future of the person he or she is in love with. A kundali can reveal much more that what the person would have learnt about the lover through their courtship.

What all Can be Learnt about the Life Partner

If you are keen to know what kind of information can be obtained through the study of a kundali, here are some listed:

  1. Appearance: The physical appearance of the person can be judged through the kundali. You shouldn’t be surprised at this. If you believe that it is possible to look at someone’s handwriting or signature and make predictions, looking at the kundali and inferring if the person would be tall or short, fair or dark or if there are physical deformities even.
  2. Personality: This becomes very important. Will the man be highly temperamental? Or will he be genial? Does he have bad habits. How is his behaviour likely with regard to love and physical relationships? Will the woman be able to adjust with your family members if you live in a joint family? These and many more questions can be answered by the astrologer after a careful analysis of the kundalis.
  3. Health Issues: There have been practical cases of couples finding out that one of them had some health issue from before they got married but it was not disclosed. The life partner prediction by kundali helps avoid such embarrassments and lets you know if there can be some possible serious illness with the person you are planning to get married. In an arranged marriage, it may not be too late to have some close relatives check if it’s trueand if necessary, stop the wedding and save you a lot of trouble.
  4. Other Factors: There are so many other things that people wish to know relating to marriage. These can include whether a foreign living match is possible; what kind of financial standing the boy or girl will have; if there are no fears of another woman in the life of the man as per the kundali; how about children; will there be children in the partnership after marriage and so on. A good astrologer will have the right answers for practically every question you throw at him while making the life partner prediction by kundali.

A lot of terms are used in astrology while discussing these predictions. The house and the position of the planet and other such terms. These could be a little technical and a lay person may not be able to immediately grasp them fully. The person would just want to know if the partner is suitable to him/her and if they can go ahead and get married. And there is the astrologer to take care of all the aspects.

Life Partner Prediction by Kundali
Life Partner Prediction by Kundali

Choosing the Astrologer

This could be the real challenge. The usual saying is while astrology is perfect, astrologers may not be perfect. The sense is that there are some imponderables in the whole equation and that must be understood by you. One is the kundali has to be perfect. Traditional households have a lot of experience over the years they would have made many kundalis for the kids born in the family. If they are not so experienced, then they could have goofed up on getting the time of birth right and so on.

But you must find the best astrologer around. Try t he online sources. Maybe you could locate sites that have reviews posted of their experience with the astrologer, particularly, on life partner prediction by kundali. There you have the choice.


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