Astrological Remedies For Childless Couple 5/5 (9)

Astrological Remedies For Childless Couple
Astrological Remedies For Childless Couple

Astrological Remedies For Childless Couple

Astrological Remedies For Childless Couple or lal kitab remedies for getting child can be called remedy for miscarriage in astrology. We will provide you astrological reasons for not getting pregnant.

Every couple wishes to have a healthy child and give him/ her a better future. Kids are innocent, beautiful, and full of love. They are the light of our family. Besides, they also bring out the inner child within us. Children believe in magic, and we need to learn many things from them.

Nothing is more beautiful than seeing your kids laugh genuinely. They bring out newness with their silliness, which we try so hard to suppress within ourselves as we become adults. Children give us new hope and make us believe that there are happy endings.

Astrological Remedies For Childless Couple
Astrological Remedies For Childless Couple

However, due to some medical conditions, some couple is unable to complete their families. Even doctors predict that medical science cannot help them to fulfill their desires. In some situations, the health conditions are favorable, but still, they cannot become parents.

After hearing out the doctor’s advice, the couple begins to believe that they will never have kids in life. But this is not true; there are many unpopular ways to conceive which are not known — one of the most useful methods in Vedic Astrology. Many people do believe in this and have witnessed fruitful results.

If you are looking for help to start your family life, then there are many divine remedies provided by the experts. The stars and their planets play a significant role in your horoscope if you are planning to get pregnant. You can also suggest astrological remedies for a childless couple who are still looking for ways to become parents.

Lal Kitab Remedies For Getting Child

Lal Kitab Remedies For Getting Child, The Lal Kitab has various solutions to our day to day life. One can also use Lal Kitab remedies for getting a child. With the help of various Lal Kitab totke, and health problems solution, one can complete all their desires.

So if you strongly believe in Indian Tantrik totke for getting a kid, then continue reading this blog. We are providing two remedies, which will surely help you to get pregnant. In the first technique, you have to take a red thread. Make sure the thread is one inch longer than your stillborn baby.

Next, ask someone to tie the red thread around your upper arm as a protective Talisman. When the baby gets delivered successfully, remove the red colored thread from your upper arm and tie it on the wrist or the upper arm of your newborn baby. Then, tie the same red-colored thread around your upper arm.

Remove both the threads after eleven months of the delivery. Then, throw the treads carefully in any flowing water bodies like a canal, river or the sea. The other remedy is a Lal Kitab totka.

In this remedy, take Khansari and milk in equal quantities in 2 vessels. Touch both the vessels with your hand and cover it with a tying cloth. Then, keep it inside safely in your house.

After you successfully deliver your child, donate both the vessels to the Mandir or any other religious place. These two remedies should only be practiced for miscarriages, stillbirths, and abortions. Moreover, there are numerous variations of the same solutions, but the ones written above are easier to practice.

If you or someone you know is facing issues in your pregnancy, then this website is the right place for you. There are many things which are stopping you from getting pregnant. But the problem of childlessness makes you sad and leads to depression, unhealthy relationships, mental sickness, and much more. Some people even lose their honor in society.

Giving birth to a child is very important because an infant is said to be the protector of a tradition, and torchbearer for the next generations. In India, giving birth to a child is given more importance. Your purpose in life doesn’t fulfill without a kid.

So instead of trying all methods, which can create a hole in your pocket, contact an Astrologer to get instant results. An astrologer can see the underlying cause of problems that medical science fails to understand.

Astrological Reasons For Not Getting Pregnant

Astrological Reasons For Not Getting Pregnant, Besides, there are various astrological reasons for not getting pregnant. Astrology can help you to find out the mystery behind the childlessness. Vedic astrology is a unique tool that came into practice after the beginning of humanity.

Reading Pancham Bhav helps the astrologer shows positive or negative indications. If they find any issue, then they might recommend certain rituals to correct the problems. Kundli plays a vital role in astrology. The Vedic astrologer will examine the wife and husband’s Kundli.

If the wife’s Kundli says 20% possibility, and husband’s Kundli shows 80% chance, then astrologer will figure out a way to increase the capability of weaker Kundli. In the end, after following the advice, the couple will be blessed with a baby.

Remedy For Miscarriage In Astrology

Remedy For Miscarriage In Astrology, Miscarriage and abortion have become a common practice among women who have any health issues. Sometimes, you have to abort your child intentionally by the compulsion or pressure of family.

Your astrologer will warn you about the miscarriage with the help of your horoscope. There are numerous causes of miscarriages. Some women like to work until the last month of their pregnancy, which can be very dangerous for a child in the womb. In olden times, women used to avoid stress.

They used to stay happy and cheerful to help their babies grow peacefully in their belly. This is the reason why kids nowadays get anxious or stressed easily. Besides, some even commit suicide.

So if you are working during your pregnancy, then try to give yourself some space from work and become a part of spiritual activities. Besides, stress causes miscarriage, so avoid working during your pregnancy.

If you don’t want miscarriage, then we have the best remedy for miscarriage in astrology. Sometimes, the positions of the planets can cause pain during your pregnancy. For example, if the Ketu is in your fifth house, then there will be an issue related to the child.

Besides, if the Panchmesh is weak in your birth chart, then you will be unsatisfied with childbirth. You should recite the given shlokas to avoid problems like a miscarriage.

Read “सुतेसूर्यमृत्पत्यः” (Shlok 143), and, “अष्टमेजीवेशुक्रेनष्टगर्भावामृत्पत्या” (Shlok 54) from Jatak Tatvam and “मृतापत्याचशुक्रेजयौसौरोगर्भ्स्रुताभवेत्” (Shlok 59) from Jatak Sandeep-2 book to avoid miscarriage.

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